Every ten years, California redraws the lines of our political landscape. These lines can strengthen or diminish your voice in Washington, Sacramento, or downtown.

Cracking, packing, and gerrymandering are ways that lines on maps have been used to politically neutralize communities and their interests. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your community, you’ll need to engage and tell the story of your community - its boundaries, its needs, what makes it unique.

This website puts the power of maps and line drawing directly in your hands. It will help you take a seat at the table in this round of redistricting.

As the new districts have been defined for California, we have taken down the maps to draw lines on ReDrawCA.org.

You can still find your districts and create data and maps using the District Finder on HealthyCity.org here.

Although ReDrawCA.org is no longer online, you will still be able to access your previous lines through your account. For more information and trainings on making maps, click here.